I've stopped receiving notifications on my Delvfire for text messages on my iPhone.

Various Apple iOS updates can cause text message alerts to stop appearing on your Fitness Trackers. The following article will help resolve this issue. 

1. Uninstall the VeryFitPro app and reinstall it, the following article will redirect you to the latest version of the VeryFitPro app: Which app do I need for the Delvfire Pulse? We recommend that you backup your activity data first, then you'll be able to restore it once you've successfully installed the app and set up your tracker. Refer to the following guide on how to do this; How can I backup/restore my activity data in the VeryFitPro app?

2. Once you've reinstalled the VeryFitPro app and you get to the following page during setup, tap 'Allow' and continue.

 3. When you get to the 'Add Device' page tap 'OK' to allow VeryFitPro to use Bluetooth. 

4. In your phone's settings, open 'Settings > Notifications > Messages' and ensure that your options are exactly as below. 

5. Double-check that 'Settings > Notifications > VeryFitPro' settings are also exactly as above.

6. Restart your phone and reset your tracker:  Restarting your Delvfire Pulse

7. We recommend that you also check to see if your message options within the VeryFitPro app match the ones in the following article: How can I view text messages on my Delvfire?

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