Why isn't a charger included with my particular Delvfire?

The following model watches DO NOT require a charger as they simply charge by removing the strap and plug directly into a USB socket on a computer, phone charger or power bank:

  • Ignite (ID115)
  • Flare (ID115U)
  • Ember (ID115U HR)
  • Spark (ID130HR)
  • Inferno (ID130 Plus Color HR)
  • Vega (ID115Plus Color HR)
  • Pulse (ID115Plus HR)
  • Arcturus (ID152)


The following models DO require a charging cable and are included with the watch:

  • Sirius
  • Altair

Spare charging cables are available from our Amazon store here: https://amzn.to/2Ux71ef


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