Charging your Delvfire

Difficulty charging?

If you've run through the charging procedure below and your watch is still not charging, double-check the following:

  • Ensure that the metal charging strips at one end of the watch are facing the contact strips inside the USB socket, it's easy to plug-in the watch the wrong way round which will result in it not charging.
  • Try charging your watch in a number of different USB sockets (mobile chargers tend to be the most reliable)
  • If the red light on the watch is coming on but the screen isn't lighting up when you touch the function button (grey oval) at the bottom of the watch's screen, we recommend contacting our support team for further assistance.


Remove both straps from the body of your watch (Fig. 1) to expose the 4 gold coloured USB charging strips (Fig.2). If you're finding it difficult to remove the straps, try rocking the strap side-to-side whilst pulling it away from the body of the watch. You may need to use more force the very first time you remove the new straps from your watch. 

Plugin the body of your watch directly into a USB socket, ensuring that the 4 gold coloured charging strips on the watch are facing the 4 charging contacts inside the USB socket (Fig. 2).


Once plugged into a USB socket, a red light will illuminate and a charging icon will appear on the screen (Fig. 3) to indicate that your watch is charging. If the red light does not illuminate, check that you have plugged in your tracker the correct way round and that the gold-coloured charging strips at the end of the tracker are facing the 4 contacts inside the USB socket. Your watch will take approximately 1 hour to fully charge, after which time the red light will go out to indicate that it’s fully charged. A full charge should last around 5-7 days under normal operating conditions.

Tip: You can charge your watch using a USB socket on any computer, phone/tablet charger or power bank.



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