Why won't my Delvfire pair with my mobile device?

If you are having difficulty pairing your Delvfire to your mobile device, please check the following before running through the recommended pairing procedure below.

  • Your phone/tablet is not compatible or does not meet the minimum system requirements (compatibility info can be found here)
  • You've attempted to pair your Delvfire using your phone/tablet's Settings > Bluetooth instead of pairing from within the VeryFitPro app. If this is the case, you will need to remove/forget your watch from your phone/tablet's Bluetooth settings. Your watch model number will be shown as 'IDxxxx' (x's represent different Delvfire model numbers)
  • You've previously paired to another device but you haven't removed the VeryFitPro app or removed/forgot IDxxxxx from your mobile's Bluetooth settings.

Pairing Procedure  

  1. Switch off your phone/tablet and restart it
  2. Ensure your phone/tablet's Bluetooth is switched on
  3. Delete the VeryFitPro app
  4. Open the Bluetooth settings on your phone/tablet (Settings > Bluetooth) and delete/forget any previously paired watches e.g. remove any devices listed that begin with a prefix of 'ID'.
  5. Reinstall the VeryFitPro app (don't open the app at this point)
  6. Important: Plug your watch into a USB socket away from other USB devices that might cause interference (make sure that the red power light is on and that the charging symbol appears on the screen when you tap the function button)
  7. Open the VeryFitPro app and run through the setup, at the point, it starts searching for devices hold your phone/tablet right next to the tracker and ensure the tracker's display is turned on (the tracker should still be plugged into USB and the red light should still be on, this is to strengthen the tracker's Bluetooth signal during the pairing process)
  8. You should now be able to tap IDxxxxx from the device list, wait a few seconds for the tick to appear next to it and then tap the confirm button. Your track will vibrate briefly to confirm that it's paired. You should now be able to continue with the rest of the set-up.
  9. If your tracker fails to pair or does not appear in the device list, try turning Bluetooth off then on again and tap the refresh button below the device list.
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  • I have followed the instructions, the tracker showed a fleeting glimpse of my steps today and then went back to zero and then told me that the device was not connected. I tried the instructions to the letter again and the same thing has happened. I am at my wits end! My husband bought this Tracker for my birthday in September. It worked very well until about 10 days ago. Now the Tracker seems to work mostly, but will not pair with my phone.

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  • Hi everybody.
    When your Pulse tracker won't sync or connect via Bluetooth then go to the app, choose device and unbind (center bottom)
    The app will then ask you to pair with your tracker again.
    Away you go! Pauline

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