Why isn't my Delvfire charging?

If you've run through the recommended charging procedure specific to your tracker but it's still not charging, double check the following:

  • Make sure that you've taken the correct strap off to expose the metal charging strips at one end of the tracker. If in doubt take both straps off and check which end of the tracker has charging strips.
  • Ensure that the metal charging strips at one end of the tracker are facing the contact strips inside the USB socket, it's easy to plug-in your tracker the wrong way round which will result in it not charging.
  • Even though your other devices charge successfully using the same USB socket as the one you've tried with your tracker, we recommend trying a number of different USB sockets (mobile chargers tend to be the most reliable).
  • If the red light on your tracker is coming on but the screen isn't lighting up when touching the function button (grey oval at the bottom of your tracker's screen), we recommend contacting our support team for further assistance.
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  • since new the watch never charged until it was very low, but now dosent want to charge, removed straps, connectors are right way round, it has been connected 4 hours and still at 6%. i use this to track heart rate not sport and is important at over £60 it should be better! I hope someone reads this and gets back to me!

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