How do I capture a map of my route using GPS?

Starting a sports mode that supports GPS enables you to capture a map of your route, distance, pace and your heart rate along with other stats throughout the duration of your activity.


  1. You must take your phone with you as map capture relies on your phone's GPS
  2. Map capture is only supported by the following sports modes:
  • Walking
  • Hiking
  • Running
  • Cycling 

Starting a Sports Mode with Map Capture

  1. Open the VeryFitPro app and tap the Plus (+) button at the bottom of the app (marked 1 below)


  1. Select the Map Capture button (map pin and road icon)


  1. Select your desired activity by tapping on the 3-dot menu


  1. In this example Running is selected


  1. Tap the Play button to start your activity

  1. Tap the Stop button on the app to end your activity. You will now be able to review a map of your route along with stats captured during the activity. For future access to this information you can scroll down the main page of the app and it will be available beneath My Day
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