How accurate are my steps?

Why does my step count vary depending upon where I wear my tracker?

Our trackers are designed to be worn on your non-dominant wrist to help avoid giving you extra credit for daily activities done with your dominant hand like working or cooking for example. If keep your tracker in your pocket or elsewhere on your body, you may see a slight difference in step count than if you were to wear it on your wrist.

Why do my steps sometimes revert to a previous count?

Your daily steps will revert to a previous count if you've walked less than 35 steps and don't do any further activity for a short period of time. This is by design and intended to filter out any movements like working or cooking that could potentially be recorded as steps.  

What can I do if my steps appear to be inaccurate?

If you feel that your steps are inaccurate, ensure that you are wearing your tracker on your non-dominant wrist as performing day to day task with your dominant hand will affect the accurate your step count. We also recommend factory resetting your tracker.

Why are my steps not updating?

Sometimes, when you start walking you may notice that your steps don't update straight away. However, after about 10-20 consecutive steps your step count will catch up and start updating in real-time with each step you take.

Will my Delvfire count steps if my arms aren't moving?

If you're doing something like pushing a pram or shopping trolley, your Delvfire will count your steps but the total may be slightly lower than usual. If you're doing something like riding a bike or doing a spinning class, we recommend starting the appropriate sports mode (if supported by your tracker) to accurately record your activity. 


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