How do I change which 3 sports modes I can see on my Delvfire?

By default the Walking, Running and Cycling sports modes occupy the 3 shortcuts on your tracker. You can easily change which 3 (out of the 14 available) sports you can start from your tracker by doing the following:

Change Sports Mode Shortcuts  

  1. Open the VeryFitPro app
  2. Tap Device > More > Activity Display
  3. Swipe left (or hold for android) over any sports modes you wish to remove and tap the Delete button to remove it
  4. To add sport modes, tap the Plus button (top right of app)
  5. Tap your desired sports modes and tap the Tick button (top right of app) to confirm
  6. Navigate back to the main page of the app and swipe down anywhere on the page to initiate a sync
  7. On your fitness tracker, tap through to sports modes and your newly selected modes should be available
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