How do I track sleep with my Delvfire?

How does my Delvfire detect that I'm asleep?

Sleep tracking is based on your movements and will start automatically during the evening. When you haven't moved for around 30 minutes your Delvfire assumes that you're asleep and starts tracking sleep. Additional data like the length of time of your movements or the time in between movements - indicative of sleep behaviour (such as rolling over etc.) help confirm that you're asleep.  Morning movement tells your Delvfire that you’re awake. If you’re not moving but not asleep for long periods of time then it’s possible for your tracker to think you're asleep.

How do I see my sleep data?

To see your sleep data from the night before, you will need to sync the new data from your Delvfire to the app by swiping down anywhere on the main page of the app.

Why isn't my Delvfire recording all of my sleep?

Your Delvfire will only start tracking and recording sleep quality from around 11pm during the evening. Unfortunately, there isn't currently an option to manually override this or to start tracking earlier in the day.

No sleep data?

If you don't see your data straight away, you may need to wait a short time after waking for your tracker to fully exit sleep tracking mode. Failing that, we recommend restarting your tracker from within the app.

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