How do I manage alarms on my Delvfire?

Flare/Pulse Ignite

Silent alarms gently vibrate to wake you or alert you at specific times of the day. You can set up to 10 alarms each day for everyday of the week.

Setup Alarms

  1. Open the VeryFitPro > Device > Alarm Alert  


  2. Tap the Plus button to add an alarm


  3. Alarm enables you to label which type of alert you're setting up (Get Up, Sleep, Exercise, Medication, Dating, Party, Meeting)
  4. Repeat enables you to choose which days of the week the alert will happen on
  5. Time enables you to choose what time of day the alert will happen
  6. Once you specified your alert criteria, tap the tick button to confirm


  7. If you wish to set-up further alerts, repeat the above for up process
  8. Once you've finished creating your alerts, tap the tick button to sync them to your tracker.


  9. If the operation was successful you will now see Synced next to each alert.


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