I have a payment issue


Amazon are responsible for all aspects of billing, delivery, returns and refunds - we only supply our products to them. If you have an issue relating to any of these you will need to contact Amazon directly for further assistance.

Help Yourself

In some cases you can resolve order or delivery related issues without the need to contact Amazon by opening Amazon > Your Account > Your Orders. Here you can amend your order, delivery options or cancel the order altogether, providing it hasn't already been shipped.

Contact Amazon

Amazon.co.uk Amazon.com Amazon.de
  1. Open Amazon.co.uk by clicking here
  2. If your order isn’t displayed click Choose a Different Order (button to the right of the page)
  3. Select the item you wish to speak to Amazon about
  4. In Step 2 on the Amazon page Tell us more about your issue select Other order issue from the menu
  5. In Select issue details menu select Something else
  6. You will now have the option to email, phone or chat to Amazon directly
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