How do I set up Sedentary Alert on my Delvfire?

Flare/Pulse Ignite

A Sedentary Alert will trigger your Delvfire to vibrate as a reminder for you to get up move around if you've been inactive for too long.

Setup Sedentary Alarms

  1. Open VeryFitPro and tap the Device menu option.
  2. Tap Sedentary Alert (you may need to scroll up the page).


  3. Enable Sedentary Alert by tapping the button (marked 3).
  4. Use the Time Slider to set how many minutes of inactivity are required to trigger the alert. In the example below we've set 20 minutes, meaning that if you're inactive for 20 minutes your Delvfire will vibrate to alert you.
  5. Set the time of day you wish the Sedentary Alert to be active.
  6. Select which days of the week you wish Sedentary Alerts to be active on (orange is active)
  7. Once you've finished configuring your alert, tap the tick button to sync them to your tracker.


  8. If the operation was successful you will now see ON next to Sedentary Alert.


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